A Design Studio Dedicated to Artisan Chocolate Companies

Bean to Brand is a woman-owned design studio. Lisa Leick, owner/designer, nourishes her obsession of chocolate from bean to bar. Along with wonderful connections & friendships, she offers dedicated experience in the chocolate industry.

Phenomenal chocolate…in taste, quality and value…is created on a small scale with meticulous care and precision. And so that should reflect in one's visual identity consistently throughout one's company from packaging to culture and beyond.

When you've taken the leap, perhaps bought the equipment, maybe even met the farmers on the plantation and created your very first batch, you need a way to differentiate yourself from the competition.

How is this accomplished? Just like you go to the source for your beans, Lisa goes to the source for creating a chocolate brand: you. We will work together to create a visual identity that is unique and that fully embodies everything you and your product represent.